Extended Test 2-Phenylethanol

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Burghart Sniffin’ Sticks Extended Test 2-Phenylethanol

The Burghart extended test is developed for use in the clinic (ENT, neurology, psychiatry, internal medicine, etc.). It can be used for a detailed olfactory test, e.g. for producing expert reports. The test contains three modules: threshold test, discrimination test and identification test.

The threshold 2-phenylethanol test (also known as the rose test) has 48 Sniffin’ Sticks (32 blanks and 16 dilutions 2-Phenylethanol). This module can be used to ascertain the patient’s olfactory threshold.

The discrimination test consists of 48 Sniffin’ Sticks (48 Sniffin’ Sticks = 16 pairs of odorants each with 1 individual smell). In this case, the patient must differentiate between more or less similar smells.

The identification test consists of 16 Sniffin’ Sticks with everyday smells which the patient has to name using a selection card containing four definitions each.

The complete test comes with a instruction manual, evaluation material and holder as seen on the picture above. The holder is only needed once. If the test has to be renewed, a refill set can be ordered which is cheaper than a whole test. The tests can also be purchased separately.

Cotton gloves and a sleeping mask can be purchased separately.

Each stick is labelled with a best before date. Due to hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns of the sticks.