Taste Strips – 19 x 50 Strips

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Burghart Taste Strips – 19 x 50 Strips

The taste strips are a validated examination procedure to investigate the smell ability. When testing the whole-mouth smell ability, the taste strips are applied by putting them on the tongue and closing the mouth (the patient may move the tongue). If there is interest in the gustatory sensitivity of certain tongue areas (e.g. lateralised testing), the mouth stays open and the strip will only be in contact with this area until the patient can give an answer.

The complete taste strip set consist of 16 containers with 4 concentrations of sweet, sour, salty, bitter each and 3 containers with blanks. The complete set includes 19 containers with 50 Taste Strips each, i. e. 950 Taste Strips in total.

Please mind the taste strip’s shelf life. It is three years unopened from the date of manufacturing and opened one year.