Smell Quartett – Smelltraining

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The Burghart Smell Quartet (also known as the Duft Quartett) can be used to improve your sensory abilities (smell training). The different sticks contain odourants from everyday life, which can enlarge your sense of smell. Will be delivered in a box with cotton handgloves. The smells are lemon, rose, eucalyptus and clove. The idea that our sense of smell can be improved via training might at first seem strange, but the more you think about it the more it makes sense.  Going to the gym and lifting weights can improve muscle mass and tone, and practising the guitar regularly will (hopefully!) improve proficiency.  So will spending time sniffing odours.

A randomized, controlled multicenter study shows that patients with a persistent postinfectious olfactory dysfunction (PIOD) benefit from that olfactory training with an evidence level 1b. The study was carried out using the Burghart “Odour-Quartet”. Therefore the product is suitable for training olfactory abilities.The study is listed on the PubMed site at 23929687

This set contains 4 sticks, a box, gloves and English manual.

Each stick is labelled with a best before date. Due to hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns of the sticks.

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