Bangerter Occlusion Foil (single foil)

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Bangerter Occlusion Foil for use with amblyopia and strabismus treatment as an alternative to occlusion eye patches and eyeglass-mounted occluders. The foil is made of graded foils (thin flexible static vinyl) and are available in different strengths to equalize the spatial contrast of the dominant, to that of the amblyopic eye. Can be used for:

  • Prophylactic uses: to prevent Amblyopia, suppression, abnormal retinal correspondence.
  • Therapeutic uses: treatment of Amblyopia, orthoptic treatment, Diplopia, Diplopia with monocular Aphakia (with <0.1).
  • Can be used as a primary treatment or as alternative treatment in cases where patching therapy is no longer providing further benefits.

Occlusion Foils stick to eye glass lenses and can be trimmed with scissors to match the frame shape and adhere to existing lenses with only water.  Removable and Reusable.

Measurement of foil: 4,3 x 5,2cm. These foils are also available as larger sheets.

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Strengths available

  • Full occlusiv beige
  • Full occlusiv blue
  • Full occlusiv grey
  • Light perception
  • <0,1
  • 0,1
  • 0,2
  • 0,3
  • 0,4
  • 0,6
  • 0,8

Additional information

Strength foil

Full occlusive beige, Full occlusive blue, Full occlusive grey, Light perception, Light perception <0,1, Light perception 0,1, Light perception 0,2, Light perception 0,3, Light perception 0,4, Light perception 0,6, Light perception 0,8