Which smell test should I use?

There are multiple smell tests available, which test is suitable for you? On this page we explain the different smelltests of Burghart. The smell tests of Burghart consist of the so-called Sniffin’ Sticks. These are a kind of felt-tip pens that are filled with a odor liquid instead of ink. The Burghart tests are CE certified and validated. This makes them the most used smelltests in Europe. We also supply the scratch-and-sniff smell tests from Sensonics. These tests are also widely used within the EU but do not have a CE marking.

What do you want to test?

First, it is important to determine what exactly you want to test. Is it purely a simple screening of the sense of smell? If so, you can use the Screening 12 Test (12 different scents) or the identification 16 test (16 different scents). In both tests the patient must be able to identify the odors. A simple screening of the sense of smell. The Screening 12 Test is the simplest test and also the most used test.
If you want to test more thoroughly, we recommend the complete test, the so-called extended test. In addition to the identification 16 test, this test also contains the discrimination test and the threshold test. In the discrimination test, the patient is offered three sticks each of which 1 stick has a different odor. The task of the patient is to determine this abnormal smell. In total, the discrimination test contains 16 x 3 pen (48) pens. The third test of the extended test is the threshold test. With the threshold test you can determine to what extent a patient can smell. In this case, the odor intensity always decreases one step, the patient goes down a concentration step each time, until the patient no longer perceives the odor. This allows you to determine the strength to which the patient can smell. In total, the threshold value test contains 16 x 3 pin (48) pens. Some extra information regarding the threshold test, this test is available in 2 versions. The difference between the 2 versions is the smell of the target pen. The 2-phenylethanol version has a rose scent and the n-butanol version has an alcoholic-like odor. So the n-butanol version is more unpleasant to smell. That is the only difference.

Shelf life Sniffin Sticks

Every pen has a best-before date. You can use the Sniffin ‘Sticks for an unlimited number of people before this date. The expiration date of the sticks depends on the test. The screening 12 test, identification test, discrimination test has a shelf life of approximately 1-1.5 years. For the threshold test, this is shorter, about 8-10 months.

Optional: taste tests

Optionally you can use taste strips from Burghart, there are 2 options. A simple test with 4 flavors in the highest concentration. The patient simply has to determine whether it is sour, salty, sweet or bitter.
There is also an extensive taste test where the 4 flavours are offered in 4 different concentrations to determine how well a patient can taste. This complete test can be extended with the 5th flavor Umami. The taste strips usually have a shelf life of about 1 year.

Additional information

The tests are delivered including holders, manual and evaluation material.
Possibly the sets are also available as a refill without accessories. So have you ever bought a test and do you have the holders and evaluation material? Then it is possible to order only the fragrance pens.
You can order the tests via our webshop but of course we also accept orders on account. Contact us for a quote or more information.